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In late 2014, the idea behind I AM BYRUS was born in Cologne, and then resurrected in 2019 in the small village of Saxony, in far-east-Germany. With his electronic alter ago, award winning saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist David Brand creates a post-pandemic soundtrack combining epic synth-waves with grinding beats. In his live sets, I AM BYRUS circles around meditative solitude and the wild joy of life.


As a founding member of the world famous SIGNUM saxophone quartet, David has toured all over Europe, and parts of North America and Asia as well. Between 2006 and 2015 he performed over 500 concerts with some notable venues being Carnegie Hall (US), Barbican Centre London (UK) and the Philharmonic Hall Moskau (RU).

After meeting, jamming and going to shows put on by internationally recognized music producers Nils Frahm and Chilly Gonzales, David was encouraged to follow his own musical path. It was then that he started to concentrate on his own music productions. 

DBrand_sw (384 von 471).jpg

Several years passed away before he created his first live show, SOLO_with_myself_and_ALL. With this project he dissolves inner borders, by transforming the work of Bach and Coltrane sonically with electronic music like he has done before with pieces by Phillipp Glass and Nils Frahm

His first 3 releases FENESTERBERGA, SIRENHEAD IS HUNGRY and SAD REALITY appeared in summer 2022 on all well known streaming platforms worldwide.

He was inspired by working on a collaboration with outstanding east Belgian spoken word artist Jesse James LaFleur. In this project, I AM BYRUS created the soundtrack for a series of events called WORTAKKORD, which took place all over East Saxony in 2022.

Furthermore, he has delivered parts of the soundtrack for the documentary "Sachsen ist mehr"  by Jesse James LaFleur. The soundtrack was presented live at a premiere event on April 20 2022 at Kupfersaal in Leipzig.




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